J.Crew Tall Downtown Field Jacket

J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket – Out and About

It was unseasonably perfect today with a high of 60F/15C and lots of sunshine. This weather has me all giddy for spring and also makes me excited to wear my lighter jackets again like my J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket. If you’re curious about size, I bought both a small and medium and ended up keeping the small. The jacket has a boxy fit, and I felt like I was swimming a bit too much in the medium.  Even though I have a small, don’t think that I don’t cram one (and sometimes two) layers under this jacket because…mmmhmmm…I definitely do.  The […]

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Tall Fashion Blog Goals

Goals and Habits 2016

Can you believe the first month of 2016 is already in the books? I can’t! I’m taking a break from my normal “tall fashion blog” posts to talk about some projects I’ve been working on. I tend to set goals year round, but the beginning of a new year always seems like a good time to evaluate what I’m doing with my life, what I can do better and what I’ve done well. My 3 goals for 2016 are the same as last year because I feel like they need more work. This year, I’m focusing on creating small habits that will […]

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Long Tall Sally Review

Long Tall Sally Review! Spot Bow Blouse and Stitch Graphic Tunic

Remember my Long Tall Sally spot bow blouse and stitch graphic tunic that I sported during my trip to Vienna? Well I’ve been playing dress up with them and wanted to show you some fun ways to wear these items that Long Tall Sally kindly gifted me! LTS Chunky Stitch Graphic Tunic (c/o) Size: Small Fit: The tunic is loose enough to be able to wear a fitted long-sleeve layering tee underneath (making it perfect for chilly weather), but not so loose that it looks saggy baggy. I’m very happy with the fit! Special Details: The texture of the thick white thread woven […]

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Tall Specialty Shop Challenge

Recap of my 2015 Tall Specialty Shop Challenge

2015 has come and gone which means my Tall Specialty Shop Challenge is now complete! Just to refresh your memory, this challenge involved only buying from companies that exclusively sell tall women’s clothing from February-Decemebr 2015.  My purpose was to see if all of my fashion needs could be met by tall speciality retailers, to discover new tall shops and also to introduce these fabulous “tallpreneurs” to my readers. In case you’re curious about such things, none of the items featured in this shopping challenge were gifted to me – I bought all of them with my own pennies. While I do occasionally receive and review gifts from […]

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Turtleneck Sweater Tall Women

Tall Travel Style – Vienna

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Tall Travel Style entry but the series is back with my first trip of 2016 – a long weekend trip to Vienna. I honestly didn’t have high expectations for Vienna. I knew I’d probably like it but we’ve seen a lot of big European cities in the last year and many of them have similar characteristics, so I was wondering if it would just be more of the same. I’m happy to say that Vienna far exceeded my expectations – the beautiful architecture around literally every corner, the amazing food, the elegance and old world charm, […]

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How to wear a white lace top

4 Ways to Wear a White Lace Top

Oh lace! You get me every time. Ever since my very first purchase in the form of a beautiful lace dress in NYC 3 years ago, I’m always on the prowl for other lace pieces. I love lace so much that I wish my husband would agree to let us have another wedding so that I can buy a lace wedding dress! Something tells me that’s not going to happen, so I will just continue to fill my closet with lace tops, skirts, dresses…you get the idea. Since I was in the market for a dressy neutral top, I was thrilled when […]

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38 Inseam Pants 2

38″ Inseam Pants with Zipper Detailing

And now for the very last review in my Tall Specialty Shop Challenge! Remember my 38″ inseam gray jeans from tall shop Copper Couture in Zurich? Well it just so happens that I bought not one but TWO pairs of 38″ inseam pants on my little shopping spree. Can you say tall girl JACKPOT!?! In addition to the length, these pants have a lot of others things going for them. First, they are made of the softest pima cotton I have ever felt. I seriously wish I could use the pants as a blanket. Whenever I’m wearing them around a friend, I […]

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Tall Blog Tall Fashion Adventures

A Look Back at 2015

With 2015 now in the books, I’m taking a look back at some of the highlights that I wrote about on my tall fashion blog this year (and what a year it’s been)! Expat Life One of the biggest highlights of 2015 was our relocation from the U.S. to Europe. We arrived on December 3, 2014 and our first year as expats has FLOWN by.  In the travel department, we sure covered a ton of ground including trips to Prague, Strasbourg, Amsterdam (and Keukenhof!), Champagne region, Loire Valley, Piedmont/Tuscany, Rhine River, Paris, London and Zurich (just to name a few). Tall Blogger […]

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Talltique Review

Talltique Review! My Black Friday Steals

2015 may be winding down but I still have some Tall Speciality Shop Challenge purchases to show you including another Talltique review. My very first purchase in this shopping challenge was my beloved faux leather bomber jacket from Talltique, so it seemed fitting that some of my last purchases in the challenge also be from Talltique. After taking a chance and falling in love with my ruana wrap this fall, I decided to order a similar piece from Talltique – a burnt orange drapey sweater vest. Similar to my ruana, I’m still figuring out how I want to style this […]

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38" Inseam Jeans

38″ Inseam Gray Jeans – Two Looks for the Holidays!

Remember my tall shopping road trip through Germany with a bonus stop at Copper Couture in Switzerland?  I was thrilled to be able to pop into this tall boutique on my recent weekend jaunt to Zurich and was equally as thrilled to end my search for the perfect pair of gray jeans.  Once I tried on these 38″ inseam gray jeans, felt how stretchy and comfy they were and almost fell over when I noticed that I had a nice bit of extra fabric at the ankle (which never happens, right?), I knew they needed to come home with me. Gray is […]

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