Tall Travel - Tuscany

Tall Travel Style: Tuscan Countryside (and Cinque Terre for a few hours)

Ahhhh…beautiful Tuscany! Your cheery sunflower fields, majestic cypress trees and breathtaking countryside knocked my socks off (or I guess I should say knocked my sandals 0ff since nobody wears socks in July in Italy).  Five years ago, we visited Florence, Venice and Rome as part of a two week Europe trip. While we loved seeing the bigger cities, we were hankering to explore the countryside and we were certainly granted our wish on this trip! Read on for a peek at my tall travel style for this trip and also some photos of our shenanigans. Day 1: A Drive Along the Coast and Arrival […]

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Tall tee Pretty Tall Netherlands

6 Month Update: Tall Specialty Shop Challenge 2015

Wowee! Where is 2015 going? I am now six months into my Tall Specialty Shop Challenge and it’s been quite a ride so far.  Just to refresh your memory, this challenge involves only buying from companies that exclusively sell tall women’s clothing for all of 2015 (well for most of 2015 since I started the challenge on February 20).  My purpose is to see if all of my fashion needs can be met by tall speciality retailers, to discover new tall shops and also to introduce these fabulous “tallpreneurs” to my readers.  I hope that my reviews over the past 6 […]

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Kaersten Cooper Marge Clothing Design

Tall Fashion Alert! Interview with Kaersten Cooper of MARGE Clothing

I first wrote about MARGE Clothing in March and have been excitedly following the progress of this new tall clothing company ever since.  On July 15, MARGE launched its first collection for fall/winter 2015 which includes some absolutely gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces and certainly fills a void in the tall luxury clothing sector.  I had the opportunity to interview the founder of MARGE, 6’1 Kaersten Cooper, and our chat runs the gamut from from the inspiration behind the line, to fabric selection, to the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur, to advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and more! Read on for all of […]

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Tall Bloggers Alterations Sewing Repurposing

Sew Cool! Tall Bloggers Who Sew

When a button falls off a blouse or jacket, I usually 1) panic, 2) scurry over to YouTube to watch tutorials on how to sew buttons on, 3) get worried that I’ll irreparably mess up the garment I’m trying to fix and 4) put the item in a pile for the next time I see my mom, mom-in-law or anyone else who is more handy with a needle and thread than me.  Another all-too-familiar scenario is when I need an item altered and it just sits there all sad and lonely in my alteration pile until I am able to find […]

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Striped top floral skirt

Tall Clothing Review – Amalli Talli Striped Tall Tunic

I am thrilled to bits to bring you the latest purchase from my Tall Speciality Shop Challenge – a fabulous button-up tunic from tall fashion newcomer Amalli Talli.  Ever since Amalli Talli launched its online store, I’ve been oogling all of the refreshingly on-trend clothing and just knew I had to get some of these styles in my closet. Since my heat-averse self is a bit obsessed with 100% cotton (and linen) at the moment, it should be no surprise that I zeroed in on this 100% cotton tall striped blouse.  At first glance, this blouse may look very proper (and maybe […]

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View of Tanaro River from Barbaresco

Tall Travel Style – Adventures in Piedmont Italy

It’s been about a month since our summer road trip through Italy and I’m still dreaming of all the wine, the beautiful countryside and the amazing pasta.  One thing I’m not dreaming about? The miserable heat! Here’s what I realized about gallivanting in 95-99 degree weather – no matter what you wear because you will drenched in sweat glistening within 5 seconds of walking outside.  It’s unlikely you’ll find any relief while you’re out and about since there’s virtually no AC in any public places.   This is why you must eat lots and lots of gelato! On the first leg of our trip, […]

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Launch of Tall Fashion Adventures Blog

Long.Leggy.Lovin’ It is Now Tall Fashion Adventures!

Hello there! I’m so thrilled you’ve stopped by to check out my new website – Tall Fashion Adventures.  Holy guacamole! I didn’t realize how much work it would be to transfer my Long.Leggy.Lovin’ It blog from Blogger to WordPress AND completely design a new website.  I now see why bloggers pay professionals to do this for them!  But I felt like I needed a good challenge in my life, and I have learned (and am still learning) many new things throughout this process. The blog is a bit of a “beautiful mess” at the moment since I’m still working on some […]

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Tall Floral Maxi Dress

Tall Shopping Trip Part 2 – Review of LTS Button-Up Mixed Print Maxi

Since it’s the end of July, it’s high time I review one of my Tall Speciality Shop Challenge purchases from June.  I already shared my mom’s fabulous finds from our Long Tall Sally shopping spree and now it’s my turn. My main shopping mission was to find a couple of wear-anywhere-in-sweltering-weather dresses for my hot summer vacation in Italy.  Of course, I had stalked the LTS website and had some ideas about what I wanted to try on when I arrived at the store. This black and white LTS mixed print button-up maxi has quickly become my summer go-to!  There is so […]

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HOT Summer Vacation Style

As a total sweaty Betty, I always have to dress rather strategically in sweltering conditions to disguise the party that my sweat glands inevitably throw (even when I’m not exerting myself in the least).    Mr. L3 and I will be headed to Italy next month which may sound grand and glamorous, but the temps will be well into the 90s F/30s C and I’m going to MELT which is not so grand and glamorous.  Even though the trip is still a ways off, I’ve been fussing over what to pack. I’ve decided that linen and 100% cotton are my […]

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Tall Floral Jeans Long Tall Sally

Tall Shopping Trip Part 1 – Visit to a Long Tall Sally Store with Mom

My mom came to visit me in Europe for a splendid 2+ weeks.  She just left a couple of days ago, and I’m crying in my beer wine because I miss her something fierce, but at least I can console myself by going through the 9837453980578932 photos from her visit. We definitely covered some major turf during her trip visiting 3 countries and several interesting sites.  More importantly, we trekked to a Long Tall Sally store and spent a sublime two hours shopping until we dropped.I just love that LTS has fabulous styles that are suitable for a broad age range […]

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