Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Blogging Break (and Some Exciting Changes)

Hello faithful readers!

I wanted to let you know that things will be a tad quiet around here for the next few weeks while I work on a couple of exciting projects for the blog.  Intrigued? I hope so!  Keep an eye out for an update in a few weeks.  I'm really excited about these developments and can't wait to share. 

Of course, I'll miss all of you so please keep in touch with me on Facebook and Instagram where I'll still be posting all sorts of fun tidbits.  Also, check out my Pinterest boards for some fab tall fashion finds.

See you in a few weeks!

Friday, June 26, 2015

HOT Summer Vacation Style

As a total sweaty Betty, I always have to dress rather strategically in sweltering conditions to disguise the party that my sweat glands inevitably throw (even when I'm not exerting myself in the least).    Mr. L3 and I will be headed to Italy next month which may sound grand and glamorous, but the temps will be well into the 90s F/30s C and I'm going to MELT which is not so grand and glamorous.  Even though the trip is still a ways off, I've been fussing over what to pack.   

I've decided that linen and 100% cotton are my two best friends for this trip, and I've been scouring my closet to see what items I have that fall into these two categories. I've had this Banana Republic lightweight 100% cotton top, dress (OK fine! I admit it's actually supposed to be a bathing suit cover-up) for years. I love the print,  color and ruffley sleeves.

I've only ever worn this piece as a tunic with jeans like so:

Needless to say, I will not be taking ANY jeans on this trip, but I desperately need to be able to use all of my hot-weather friendly pieces. The light bulb went on in my noggin and I thought "Hey! I wonder if this Topdressswimsuitcoverup will look good with any of my skirts"?

So I promptly tried this:

The white Ann Taylor skirt is 100% linen - Yay! 

The lining of the skirt is 100% poly - Boo!

I wonder if it's feasible to take out the poly lining and replace it with something more breathable and hot weather friendly. Different story for a different day.  

I think this look works with the Madewell belt, a couple of gold necklaces and my new Paul Green walking sandals to pull it all together. 

While I was at it, I also tried the top with my blue ASOS midi skirt because you all know how obsessed I am with orange and blue together.  I think this works too!

I'm really happy that I've learned over the years 1) to look past what an item is originally intended for (in this case swimsuit coverup) and just make it work for my purposes; and 2) to play dress-up.  Creating these looks inspired me to keep trying different outfit combos even if I think they won't work.  Who knows what else I might put together!

Your turn...

Do you pay close attention to what fabric items are made out of for your summer dressing?  What are you summer go-tos when it's sweltering?

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Tall Shopping Trip Part 1 - Visit to a Long Tall Sally Store with Mom

My mom came to visit me in Europe for a splendid 2+ weeks.  She just left a couple of days ago, and I'm crying in my beer wine because I miss her something fierce, but at least I can console myself by going through the 9837453980578932 photos from her visit.

We definitely covered some major turf during her trip visiting 3 countries and several interesting sites.  More importantly, we trekked to a Long Tall Sally store and spent a sublime two hours shopping until we dropped.

I just love that LTS has fabulous styles that are suitable for a broad age range such that a mom and daughter can happily shop together.  Maybe one day when my niece is older, my mom, sister, niece and I can all pop into an LTS together for a "3 generation" shopping spree.  What a dream that would be!!

I found a couple of fabulous dresses for my upcoming summer vacation (sneak peek of one of them here on Instagram). I'll will share more details on the dresses with you soon but first, here is what my lovely mom bought.

Mom was looking for some everyday tops/blouses and cropped pants.  I think she was initially a bit "meh" when the shop attendant and I ganged up on her and forced her to try on these floral cropped jeans because she wasn't convinced they were "her".  The moment she stepped out of the dressing room, I knew she HAD to buy them.  They had the 3 Fs going on...fresh, fun and flattering.  This just goes to show how amazeballs it is to be able to try a ton of tall styles on in person (even stuff you're lukewarm about).  You're lukewarm attitude may just start to sizzle once you see how the clothes actually look on you.

The colors are so pretty and the floral pattern is perfect for spring and summer.

According to Mom, the bit of stretch in the jeans make them super comfy and figure flattering and they also hold the tummy in.  She also bought the LTS everyday tee  and it goes perfectly with the jeans.

Mom also picked up this white cotton wrap shirt, and I suspect she'll get a lot of wear out of it.  You really can't go wrong with a white blouse especially when it has some nice details like a flattering neckline and tie waist. Given my infatuation with bows, it should come as no surprise that I adore the bow tie detailing.

Check out the longggggg sleeves and great body length of the blouse!

We also tried tying the blouse "cummerbund" style. I just noticed on the LTS website that they have it wrapped around once (instead of twice) and tied in the back which might work better.   Either way, a wrap blouse with generous "ties" is the perfect way to define your waist, dontcha think?

Of course, Mom had to have a photo op outside the store (sporting her LTS pants previously reviewed here).

Speaking of those pants, I can't resist sharing one of my favorite photos from her trip.  She didn't know I was snapping it (I'm sneaky like that), and I love the "I'm just soaking all of this up" look on her face as she walks around the quaint little village of Riquewhir in the Alsace region of France.

Your turn...

Have you ever had a chance to do some tall shopping with a family member?  Or, have you ever had a friend or store employee convince you to try something on that you didn't like on the hanger but loved once you were actually wearing it?

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tall Event Alert! Long Tall Sally Grand Opening in Denver on June 11, 2015

Yippee! With the opening of its new Denver location, Long Tall Sally is inching closer to my beloved West Coast, and LTS wants you to join them for a grand opening party including lots of fabulous giveaways, discounts, goodie bags, treats etc.  Whoa! After typing all of that, I'm half tempted to click "buy" on a plane ticket to Denver!  If you go to this event, let me know. I'd love to hear about your experience. 

Here are the details:

Facebook Event Page
Long Tall Sally - Grand Opening Party
Denver Pavilions / 16th Street Mall / Unit 252 (next to Barnes and Noble)
Thursday, June 11th
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Long Tall Sally – apparel and accessories specifically designed for tall women – will celebrate its grand opening party at the Denver Pavilions on Thursday, June 11th from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Join host Georgia Benjou, fashion expert and also editor of 5280 Magazine, at a ribbon cutting ceremony and party with styling tips and tricks for all guests.  Plus, win a $500 gift card, enjoy photo opps and treats, take home a gift bag, and receive special savings throughout the evening. 

Long Tall Sally's new location at the Denver Pavilions marks the first store in the western US, bringing the tall women of the Mile High City denim with inseams up to a 38", swimwear specifically designed for longer torsos, maxi dresses that touch the floor,  and suits and outerwear with longer sleeves and tapered waists in the proper spot.  What's more, Long Tall Sally offers shoes up to a size 15.

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tall Travel Style: Chateau Gawking in my Tallwater Jeans

A couple of weekends ago, we trekked over to the magical Loire Valley of France for some chateau gawking and general meanderings through the French countryside.  I was eager to take my new Tallwater Jeans for a test drive and ended up wearing them two different ways.  While I adore the jeans, I ended up kinda sorta loathing one of my outfits and loving the other.  

Overall, my Tallwater Jeans held up great for my excursions, were super comfortable and made me remember why it's sometimes nice to shed my skinnies for a pair of bootcuts every now and again.

What I Wore (the outfit I kind of loathed):
Loft (Traffic Cone Orange) Tall Linen Blazer 
Navy Polka Dot Top (Gift from Long Tall Sally)
Tallwater Jeans
Leopard Print Skinny Belt
Cole Haan Air Ballet Flats

Why I Wore It:  To be 100% honest, I wore this outfit on our visit to the beautiful Chateau Villandry because I was hoping to get some good photos of the jacket for the How I Wear My monthly feature.    June's theme for HIWM was "spring jacket", and I figured I'd showcase this blazer...until I realized I kind of hate it now. 

I was OBSESSED with this Loft linen blazer last year and wore it incessantly.  This year, the blinding brightness of the blazer is majorly on my nerves for some reason.   I swear the traffic cone orange was so bright that it caused everyone around me to squint and avert their eyes.  As you can see by the clouds in the photos, it seems like the sun felt like my jacket was exuding enough brightness and took the day off.  Conceptually, I like this navy/orange/neutral outfit with the subtle pattern mixing of polka dots and animal print, a (major) pop of color, comfortable jeans and cute flats, but this is one outfit I will not be repeating anytime soon.

Who needs an orange traffic safety vest that so many European countries require should your vehicle break down when I have this jacket?  

Giving the bright orange flowers a run for their money.

The gardens at Chateau Villandry are SO delightful and well groomed.  I imagine the gardeners kneeling down with their little clippers, their noses right above the hedges trimming every tiny stray leaf that dares to grow.  While the gardens seem to be the main draw here, the chateau itself is beautifully decorated on the inside and worth a look.

Garden maze with chateau in the background

Always love some flowers growing on a wall.

What I Wore (the outfit I loved):
Basic White V-Neck Tee (T.J. Maxx)
Talltique Bomber Jacket
Tallwater Jeans
Leopard Print Skinny Belt
Kate Spade Turquoise Necklace
Cole Haan Air Ballet Flats

Why I Wore It: After my annoyingly bright outfit the day before, I decided to swing the other way and go über basic with a plain white v-neck tee and jeans for a visit to Chateau Chenonceau.  I loved this classic and comfortable outfit.  There's just something about a fitted white v-neck tee that is so perfect. The turquoise necklace added a bit of color and the leopard print belt a hint of print.  As the day warmed up, I was very glad I was wearing a light short sleeve tee as I shed my bomber jacket to bask in the sun.  We did a lot of walking and the Cole Haan Air flats were insanely comfortable as always.

In the end, who cares what I'm wearing when I get to look at pretty gardens and castles all day...

Basking in the sun and marveling over how long my Tallwater Jeans are (even when I'm sitting down). 

I don't have an outfit photo from our visit to Chateau Chambord because we had left the house at 5:30 a.m. to drive there, and I didn't figure you'd want to see me in all of my bleary eyed glory.  Instead, you can feast your eyes on this pretty photo of the chateau. 

Your turn...

Have you ever had a clothing item go from hero to zero in your closet like my orange linen blazer?  If so, did you ever love it again?  Ever been to a castle or chateau?  Which one(s)?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tall Shopping Road Trip Series: Germany and Switzerland

Who's ready for another tall shopping road trip? We've already planned our trips for The Netherlands and the U.S. This time, we're hitting the road in Germany and also adding a bonus stop just an hour over the border in Zurich Switzerland.

This road trip includes stops at the following boutiques which specialize in tall women's fashion:

Copper Couture in Zurich
Long Tall Sally - 4 locations in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich

Of course, you probably wouldn't need to stop at all four Long Tall Sally stores but knock yourself out if you have the time.  To make things even more interesting, why not block off 2-3 weeks of vacation and combine this road trip shopping spree with a visit to all of the tall shops in The Netherlands!  Your wardrobe would be set for years to come after a road trip like that! 

Your turn...

Have you been to any of these tall shops?  If you've ever had a chance to do some in-person tall shopping, where was it?

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tall Clothing Review: 38" Inseam Slim Bootcut Jeans From Tallwater

I have a rocky relationship with Mr. Jeans.  I remember the first time I tried on skinny jeans, I forcefully yanked on the pants and put myself into all sorts of contortions in an effort to get the jeans on.  Despite all of my squirming, I was only able to get the jeans on as far as my knees. Ugh!  I finally gave up for fear that I might seriously injure myself whilst hobbling around the dressing room trying to yank them up. Then there are the times that I breathe a sign of relief that I was able to get the jeans all the way up only to find that there is a waist gape the size of Texas in the back.  And of course there's always the length issue.   

Enter Tallwater Jeans founded by 6'2 and 6'3 twin sisters Lynn and Kate from my home state of California. Tallwater offers fabulous made-in-America jeans with an inseam of 37"-38" so that you can tailor the jean to your perfect length (if need be). Or, just leave them as is so you can flaunt those 5 inch heels you've been dying to wear! Tallwater has collaborated with a veteran denim master to create a line of jeans that doesn't just have a longer inseam but also longer rises and runs, wider leg openings etc.  In short, the jeans are tailor made for a tall woman's body.   Ummmm...yes please!!!

This all sounds fine and good on paper but would these jeans REALLY look good on my hard-to-fit size large thighs and bonbon, size small waist and long legs?  

As part of this year's Tall Speciality Shop Challenge, I first ordered the Kimora Slim Bootcut Jeans in a size 10.  True confessions - I couldn't get them completely over my hips and backside no matter how much I jumped around, wriggled and writhed.  It was not a flattering scene and Mr. L3 was feeling rather sorry for me while trying to stifle a giggle.  I almost threw a fit and was having traumatic flashbacks to my skinny jeans dressing room debacle until I remembered that I have gained 10 lbs in the past few months and it was probably time to accept the fact that I needed to go up a size.  I exchanged the 10 for a size 12 and - VOILA - they fit PERFECTLY and are oh-so-comfortable! 

38" Inseam Jeans for Women

Extra-Long Jeans for Ladies

Tallwater Jeans for Tall Women
Perfect length even when sitting down!
36" Inseam Jeans for Women
Figured I ought to show you how the jeans look whilst I'm trotting around
The jeans look perfect with my fav 2" heels from Paul Green.
Fit: I already gave you a sneak peek of the jeans in all of their 38" inseam glory before I took them to the tailor to shorten them a bit.  The inseam is now a smidgen above 36". This length is perfect for 2-3" heels (like the Paul Green sandals with a 2" heel that I'm sporting in the above photos), and the length also works just fine with flats too.  When wearing flats, I've been cuffing the jeans ever so slightly at the bottom so that they don't drag on the ground and get frayed.  Since the  jeans are a slim bootcut style, I also plan to wear boots over (and under) the jeans in cooler temps. The generous mid-rise hits me right at the sweet spot of my waist so that I don't have to fear that I'll flash my bum at someone when I sit down, nor do I experience the dreaded waist gape.  

Fabric: I can tell that the wonderfully soft 98% cotton/2% spandex fabric is very high quality and will last a long time.  The dark indigo is a classic color that can span all seasons and looks great dressed up or dressed down.

Wearability: If you've been following me for any length of time, you know I typically like to test drive new clothes before I review them.  I wore my Tallwater Jeans while doing some chateau gawking in the Loire Valley of France last weekend and was THRILLED with how comfortable they were and how great they looked.  Stay tuned for my next installment of Tall Travel Style which will focus on my meanderings around France in my new jeans.

Tall 38" Inseam Jeans for Ladies
Basking in the sun outside Chateau Chenonceau and marveling at how long my jeans are!

Your turn...

What's the longest inseam you've ever bought for jeans or pants? Have you ever had a traumatic fitting room experience while trying on jeans?

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Monday, May 18, 2015

A Delicate Subject - Undergarments for Tall Ladies

Do you ever think about what niche you would fill were you to start your own tall clothing line?  The niche I'd love to fill always makes me blush a smidge which is why I've kept it a secret.  Well today I'm spilling the secret - I'd love to start an intimates and hosiery collection for tall women since finding well fitting unmentionables has always been a source of frustration for me.  I also adore all things delicate and lacy and think it would be amazing to design some of these items.  

I am not in the least entrepreneurial and I don't have any plans to start said tall underthings line, but let's get personal for a bit and talk about what has worked for me and what has worked for you and see if we can't help each other out on this topic. 

The Bottom Half


I don't know about other tall ladies but I have a rather long rear. I remember Laura from All the Tall Things talking about "tall bum" awhile back so maybe it's not just me and really is a "tall" thing? My backside also happens to be quite ample.  Since I was three years old, my buns have peeked out of my bathing suits and even when I played volleyball in high school and weighed 50 pounds less than I do now, my buns STILL tried to make an escape from my spandex shorts every now and again.  Bun-peek has always been with me regardless of my weight or age and, lest you think I'm complaining, I like having a round, not-so-teensy bonbon.  However, the combo of a long and large backside often makes it difficult to find underwear that fits properly.

I FINALLY found a solution for underwear that will cover my whole long backside.  RETRO BRIEFS!  I bought some of these retro briefs from Blush and they've worked out great so far.  The last thing I want is for my briefs to ride up and cut my buns in half.  Who needs 4 buns? Not me! Two are enough, thank you very much! Thankfully, the Blush briefs stay put and fully cover my rear.  You might be thinking that these briefs are kind of frumpy and huge but they actually look really great thanks to the polka dots, lace, bows etc. and you exude that whole retro, pin-up vibe when wearing them.


I've had some luck with finding tall hosiery (mostly from Hue, DKNY and Donna Karen), but I feel like there is still a lot to be desired in the tall-sized hosiery selection. Or maybe I just need to explore the hosiery scene more.  One of my issues is that my thighs are a size large and as I pull the tights up they start getting rather thin not too far above my knee as they stretch both vertically and horizontally to cover all of my leg real estate. 

The Top Half


Do you find yourself having to let your bra straps out all the way and even then the straps still dig into your shoulders?  I'm not even that well-endowed and I still have this problem, so I can't imagine how uncomfortable the bra-strap-shoulder-dig might be for someone more well-endowed than me.  If you think about it, all areas of a tall lady usually involve more real estate so it would make sense that there would be a longer space from under our bust or from our upper back to the top of our shoulders. I don't really have a good solution here. Don't even get me started on sports bras! Those are THE WORST.  Do you struggle with finding bras that don't give you the bra-strap-shoulder-dig? Do you have any tips on finding well-fitting bras for tall ladies? 

The Full Kit and Caboodle 

Is it too much to ask for a pretty, lacey nightgown or slip that actually falls somewhere around mid-thigh rather than mid-bun or extends (gasp!) to to the floor?  Or, let's face it, sometimes us tall ladies want something a little sultry to wear like a bustier but I have yet to see one that would fit a long torso.  I've already written about my bustier shopping debacle for my wedding. I still get a little cranky when I think of my poor mom trying to cram me into that torturous garment and the dressing room attendant eyeing me up and down and saying "This is hitting you in all the wrong places because your torso is too long for it.  It's smushing your sides and giving you chubs."  Because THAT'S what you should really be saying to an obviously stressed bride-to-be. BAH!!!  

Even basics like cute tall PJs can be hard to come by.  My sister has been hunting for a PJ shorts set for the longest and finally found one that worked at a recent Long Tall Sally pop-up.  She says "I love my new pajamas. I bought a size medium and they are super comfortable. The light fabric will keep me cool on those warm summer nights. I've had a hard time finding pajama shorts that are long enough for me and these are the perfect length"!

Help is on the way!

After I've finished a blogrant, I usually try to end on a positive note.  As part of my Tall Speciality Shop Challenge, I came across VeRaf Clothing and noticed that they are launching a nightwear collection soon.  Judging by the slipdress in this photo, this nightwear line might be the answer to some of the problems mentioned above.  I hope to have more info on this launch soon.  Stay tuned!

Image courtesy of VeRaf Clothing
Your turn...

Let's chat! Do you find it difficult to find the kind of intimates and PJs that you want?  Do you also have "tall bum" like me?

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Tall Blogs on Bloglovin'

Bloglovin...where have you been my whole life?!?  I honestly don't know what took me so long to start using Bloglovin', a website that keeps track of all of the blogs you follow and allows you to read new posts in a user-friendly format.  I signed up a few months ago and am totally hooked!  

If you're looking for new blogs to read, why not check out the websites and bloggers I'm following here.  While you're at it, sign up for a Bloglovin' account (if you don't already have one) and follow  Long.Leggy.Lovin' It's feed so you never miss a post.  Also, be sure to follow Tall Snob and Tall Clothing Mall to catch all of my guest posts on those websites. 

Have a blog you love but don't see it on Bloglovin'?  Why don't you add it! I've definitely don't this a time or two. You can also create collections (something I plan to do soon) and save posts that you want to refer to again.  Long story short - Bloglovin' will make you feel oh-so-organized in the blog reading world! 

Your turn...

Have you discovered the wonderful world of Bloglovin'?  If you are a blogger and I'm not following you yet, let me know so I can! I'd also love to hear what your favorite blogs are so I can follow those. 

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tall Shopping Road Trip Series - Tall Boutiques in the U.S.

It's almost summer and you know what that means - ROAD TRIP!!  For the second installment of the Tall Shopping Road Trip Series, I'm featuring tall speciality stops around the U.S.  Grab a tall girlfriend or two, pack up your car and cruise around the U.S. on a dreamy tall shopping trip!  If you're feeling really daring, you can even go coast-to-coast. Check out the interactive map at the end of the post to create your own route. 

First stop - Talltique 

6'4 Talltique founder Helen Pappas knows a thing or two about tall shopping (or the lack thereof).  Lucky for us she saw a problem and decided to be part of the solution!  The pants and jeans at Talltique start with an inseam of 37" and go all the way up to 41"! Whoa! Wait! What? 41" inseam?!?!?! Can you imagine?   In addition to long pants and jeans, you'll find on-trend maxi skirts, jackets (like my faux leather bomber jacket that I love so dearly), tanks, tops, dresses and even accessories.

Want to know what it's like to actually visit the boutique? The Tall Muse was lucky enough to visit Talltique recently and kindly shared this photo with me.  Check out her write up and more photos here

Photo of Talltique
Snapshot of Talltique courtesy of The Tall Muse
Second Stop - Amalli Talli  

Remember my Entrepreneurial Tall Sisters write-up featuring Amalli Talli? If not, here's a refresher. Amalli Talli is a specialty boutique in the Minneapolis area providing casual and fun style options that flatter tall women.  They carefully select trendy merchandise from national mainstream vendors that have the right silhouettes that work for longer arms, torsos and legs, and stock over 35 styles of denim in inseams from 34-38"!  

If you can't make it to the store, Amalli Talli just launched its online store last week.  I pretty much want to buy everything on the webstore.  Quick! Somebody confiscate my bank card!

Shopping for Tall Women's Clothes
The Amalli Talli Store 
Third Stop - Long Tall Sally

Depending on your level of wanderlust and time, your third stop can be at one of the 3 LTS's in the U.S. - Utica, Bloomington or Denver.  And this summer, you can add Chicago to LTS's list of U.S. stores.  

If wanderlust got the better of you and you chose the coast-to-coast route, your last stop will be Barneys Beverly Hills where you can try on clothes from the Taller Than Your Average (TTYA) line.  You can also check out the TTYA line at Barneys in Manhattan.

Click on the icon in the upper left of the map to see a full list of stores or click on the red place markers in the map for more details including each store's website.  Make the map your own by using the buttons at the top right....share it, download it, open it in Google Maps etc.

Your turn...

Have you ever visited any of these stores?  Am I missing any tall stores in the U.S.? Do you love road trips as much as me or do they drive you nuts?

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tall Travel Style: Amsterdam - Hungry Birds Food Tour and Dinner at Restaurant Sinne

You might not want to read this installment of Tall Travel Style on an empty stomach.  I'll be sharing about a couple of memorable food experiences that we had in Amsterdam and it's likely to make you a bit hungry!

Activity #1 - A nice dinner at one of the newer hotspots in Amsterdam, Restaurant Sinne.

What I wore:
Loft Tall Blazer
Ann Taylor Graphic Skirt
Long Tall Sally Black Layering Tee
HUE Tall Tights
Tory Burch Pointy Toe Flats
Kate Spade Turquoise Necklace

Why I wore it: Even though it was a chilly night, I was determined to wear a skirt to dinner because I'm SO tired of pants. I mean it IS spring, isn't it? Luckily, I had brought a pair of tights to help fend off some of the chill.

I originally wanted to wear a camisole or dressier black top under my blazer but ended up opting for the LTS long sleeve layering top so that I wouldn't have to wear a coat over my blazer. To add a little pizzazz and color to the plain black top, I wore my turquoise Kate Spade necklace.

I still don't know how people wear high heels while out and about in a big city!  There are slippery, uneven cobblestones, trams to hop on and off of, crowds to weave in and out of and, in Amsterdam, tons of bikes to dodge.  If you have any pointers on how to wear heels under these conditions, PLEASE let me know! I threw on my Tory Burch pointy toe flats which are my go-to shoes when I want to be dressy but don't want to wear heels.  Overall, I felt warm, chic and comfortable in this get-up. 

Ann Taylor Loft Skirt and Blazer

Tall Graphic Skirt and Tall Grey Blazer

I highly recommend visiting Restaurant Sinne which is outside the crowded touristy area of Amsterdam in the Pijp neighborhood.  Although it was recently awarded a Michelin star, it is a very laid back restaurant (the servers wear jeans!) where the focus is on the food rather than pomp and circumstance.  I always appreciate a completely open kitchen because Mr. L3 and I like to watch the chefs work their magic.  Mr. L3 even walked over there and asked a question about one of the dishes.  The food is simply exquisite and suits a broad range of budgets.  You can get 3 courses for 35 Euro all the way up to 6 courses for 60 Euro.  I don't think I've ever seen a Michelin-starred restaurant with prices starting around $40 for a full meal!

Here are a few of my favorite dishes:

Michelin Star Restaurant Amsterdam
 Michelin Star Restaurant Amsterdam

Michelin Star Restaurant Amsterdam

Activity #2 - The Hungry Birds Food Tour is a 4+ hour tour including 12 stops throughout Amsterdam and all manner of culinary delights.

What I wore:
Talltique Bomber Jacket
Floral Ann Taylor tank
Lucky Brand Boyfriend Jeans
Sperry Top-Sider Angelfish Boat Shoes

Why I wore it: Even though it was a brisk day, I still wanted to look springy and channel all of the flowers I'd seen the previous day at the Keukenhof, so I paired the bomber jacket with a floral tank.  I like that the floral tank brought a feminine touch to the more edgy bomber jacket.  I completed the look with my Lucky boyfriend jeans and Sperrys.  Overall, it was a comfortable outfit that allowed for A LOT of eating and walking.  I saw a lot of other ladies in leather jackets and felt like I fit right in!

Pit stop at Begijnhof on the food tour
We spent a good deal of the first part of the tour meandering around the huge outdoor Albert Cuyp Market where we feasted on raw herring, deep-fried cod, stroopwafels, poffertjes (fluffy pancake-like -but-poofier treats) and other tasty morsels.  Other stops on the tour included an Indonesian market/bakery, a hipster-y organic yogurt place, a family-owned cheese shop, a FEBO (with it's vending machine wall of warm croquettes and other snacks), Van Stepele Koekmakerij (a bakery that only makes ONE kind of cookie and it's the most drool-worthy cookie I've ever had), a private garden behind an antique shop serving amazing Indonesian soup and several other places finally ending with a beer at Cafe Hoppe.  All of the food was honestly a bit overwhelming and we certainly did not need dinner that night!
Raw herring
Cod - Deep-fried deliciousness!
Looking pretty excited about my raw herring... It was delicious!
Don't you love the zipper detail on the sleeve of the jacket?
Hammin' it up with my fresh stroopwafel.

Put some coins in a slot, open a glass compartment, take out the food and devour it? Ummm...sure. I was skeptical but these hot croquettes from the "snack vending machine wall" at FEBO were actually quite tasty.  The food is made fresh daily, is kept hot inside the glass compartments and makes for a nifty little snack.
FEBO fast food!
Poffertjes, yogurt, cheese and cookies...oh my!
Indonesia tumeric chicken soup in a private garden
Your turn...

Are you tired of wearing pants during spring like me? What are your tricks for wearing your skirts and dresses while it's still chilly? Are you a fan of food tours?

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