Majesty Peacoat Review

J.Crew Majesty Peacoat – My Cool Weather BFF

Raise your hand if you enjoy this time of year because you get to peruse all of your coats that have been tucked away at the back of the closet for spring and summer!  I’m not sure why tall coats thrill me so much but it’s probably because I never really had the chance to wear them when I lived in California so I still find them quite novel. This will be my third year wearing my trusty tall J.Crew Majesty peacoat.  I was looking through some old photos the other day and realized that this coat has been my cool weather […]

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How to style ankle boots

4 Ways to Wear Chelsea Ankle Boots

I’ve been hesitant to try flat ankle boots for fear that my size 11 feet would look like massive, manly leather-covered blobs. When Long Tall Sally kindly let me pick a couple of fall items to try, the classic brown Chelsea boot caught my eye and I decided it was high time I conquered my fear of ankle boots.  When I opened the shoe box, I gave the somewhat large looking boots a dubious glance.  Slowly and suspiciously, I took them out and put them on, felt how comfortable they were, admired how classy they looked and realized that my preconceived notion about […]

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LEL Tall Chambray Shirt

Tall Chambray Shirt – Long Elegant Legs Review

I’m a bit late to the chambray party but now that I’ve bought my first piece I think I’m hooked!  As part of this year’s Tall Specialty Shop Challenge, I bought the tall chambray shirt from Long Elegant Legs, and I pretty much want to wear it every day.  The 100% cotton fabric is wondrously soft and lightweight which makes it perfect for late summer and early fall. The length of the shirt is just right so that it doesn’t look sloppy when worn untucked (but is also long enough to easily tuck in).  Sometimes, LEL styles seem to run a bit large and […]

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Tall Event Paris Salon des Grandes

Tall Shopping Event in Paris – Le Salon des Grands 2015

Visiting Paris is always a good idea, don’t you agree?  And it’s an even better idea when there’s a tall shopping event going on.  Mark your calendars for October 2-3, 2015 and get ready to take in all of the fabulous tall fashion and larger size shoe options  from 14 different retailers at the annual Le Salon des Grands event.  This tall shopping experience in the City of Light is not just for women. There will be retailers selling tall men’s clothing and shoes too! The list of retailers is really exciting! Remember my fabulous tall shopping extravaganza at Pretty Tall in The Netherlands? […]

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LTS tall breton stripe top

Tall Blogger Meet-Up: A Day With Karen of Tall Wife

Last Saturday morning, I excitedly rolled out of bed at 6 a.m., hustled to the train station and enjoyed a peaceful train ride to Düsseldorf.  Why in the world was I excited to get up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday you may ask?  Because I would soon be en route to my first tall blogger meet-up! Even though I’ve been blogging for over 5 years, I’ve never had the opportunity to meet any of my “bloggy friends” face-to-face.  When Karen of pitched the idea of finding a convenient place to meet, I immediately said yes.  After batting around a few […]

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Long Tall Sally tall blouse tassels lace

Long Tall Sally Review: Tassels and Lace!

Tassels, lace and pintucks! Oh my! I’ve found the perfect, pretty travel top for fall and not only is it comfy but it also has fabulous  eye-catching details.  Long Tall Sally kindly gifted me this lovely tunic, and I happily took it for a spin this weekend to see how well it would hold up whilst traveling on the train to and from the Rhine River. When I travel, I always keep two things in mind: 1) comfort 2) style Under #1, I would also add stipulation 1(a) which states that my top must be long enough to avoid any flashing of my knickers at […]

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Brittany Brodie Country Music

Exclusive Interview: 6’1 Brittany Brodie, Country Music’s Rising Star

As a lover of country music, I was thrilled to discover 6’1 Brittany Brodie, an up and coming singer-songwriter in the country music scene.  As I listened to an iTunes preview of her latest single, Together Never Alone, I was so impressed by her beautiful voice and thoughtful lyrics that I hit pause on the song preview and immediately bought the full versions of all of her singles.  I encourage you to give a listen and do the same! On the fashion front, Brittany has landed the support of Long Tall Sally and can be seen sporting various LTS styles (as […]

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Tall Travel - Tuscany

Tall Travel Style: Tuscan Countryside (and Cinque Terre for a few hours)

Ahhhh…beautiful Tuscany! Your cheery sunflower fields, majestic cypress trees and breathtaking countryside knocked my socks off (or I guess I should say knocked my sandals 0ff since nobody wears socks in July in Italy).  Five years ago, we visited Florence, Venice and Rome as part of a two week Europe trip. While we loved seeing the bigger cities, we were hankering to explore the countryside and we were certainly granted our wish on this trip! Read on for a peek at my tall travel style for this trip and also some photos of our shenanigans. Day 1: A Drive Along the Coast and Arrival […]

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Tall tee Pretty Tall Netherlands

6 Month Update: Tall Specialty Shop Challenge 2015

Wowee! Where is 2015 going? I am now six months into my Tall Specialty Shop Challenge and it’s been quite a ride so far.  Just to refresh your memory, this challenge involves only buying from companies that exclusively sell tall women’s clothing for all of 2015 (well for most of 2015 since I started the challenge on February 20).  My purpose is to see if all of my fashion needs can be met by tall speciality retailers, to discover new tall shops and also to introduce these fabulous “tallpreneurs” to my readers.  I hope that my reviews over the past 6 […]

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Kaersten Cooper Marge Clothing Design

Tall Fashion Alert! Interview with Kaersten Cooper of MARGE Clothing

I first wrote about MARGE Clothing in March and have been excitedly following the progress of this new tall clothing company ever since.  On July 15, MARGE launched its first collection for fall/winter 2015 which includes some absolutely gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces and certainly fills a void in the tall luxury clothing sector.  I had the opportunity to interview the founder of MARGE, 6’1 Kaersten Cooper, and our chat runs the gamut from from the inspiration behind the line, to fabric selection, to the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur, to advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and more! Read on for all of […]

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