Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tall Shopping in The Netherlands - A Visit to Pretty Tall in Apeldoorn

I woke up on Monday morning in The Netherlands with that giddy "birthday morning and I'm ready for gifts and cake and ice cream and cupcakes and more ice cream" feeling because Mr. L3 and I were about to set off on an hour drive from Amsterdam to Apeldoorn to visit the tall shop Pretty Tall.  Am I the only one who gets this excited when experiencing in-person tall shopping?  Before Monday, I'd only had the chance to visit a brick-and-mortar shop specializing in tall women's clothes twice in my 30ish years so it obviously goes without saying that it is a RARE and very special treat.  

Back to Pretty Tall...5 years ago, 6'2 (1.90m) Inez Scheper realized her dream of opening a boutique dedicated exclusively to tall women with a wide range of hip and trendy styles. Last year, Inez took the tall shopping experience one step further and added a shop for tall men called Tough & Tall.  Don't you love that name?  I was impressed with the size of the store and loved the modern interior as well as the on-trend styles. The store attendant who helped me was delightful - she made me feel very welcome and gave me great style advice.  

The first sight that greeted me when I walked in was this cheery rack of bright springy tops and my giddiness increased tenfold! Such pretty patterns and colors! 

Bright Tall Tops

Floral Tall Top
Yippee! A rack dedicated to my favorite color - BLUE!! 
Blue Tall Tops
When I went to the other side of the store and saw this jean wall, my jaw may or may not have dropped and I may have drooled a little.  Ok...I didn't really drool because that would be gross but I was definitely awestruck!  Inseams up to 38", several different colors, washes and styles.  I think I could have just pitched a tent in the store and tried on jeans for days!
Tall extra-long jeans

More jeans on another wall and some cute shoes.  Speaking of shoes, there were some fabulous looking styles interspersed throughout the store.  I only had an hour to shop and was on a limited budget so I didn't try on any shoes but if I ever go back, I will have a shoe trying on fest!!  And speaking of jeans, these two photos only show SOME of the jeans in the store.  Believe it or not, there were more pairs in other areas.

Large shoes and tall jeans

Now let's get to some of the stuff I tried on and bought.  

This mint textured blazer caught my eye because I'm in the market for some bright blazers. It fit great and I loved the color, texture and details, but I knew I needed casual summer tops more than the blazer. Since I was on a budget and only had my birthday money to spend, I had to prioritize and ultimately didn't get the blazer.  

Tall textured blazer

Don't you love the print and feathers on this tunic?!?!  I didn't end up buying it since it didn't fit me quite right, but I still love it on the hanger and I'm sure it'll find a happy home with another tallista. 

Tall feather tunic

My visit to Pretty Tall was actual quite momentous because it is the place that my years-long search for white jeans ended. I've ordered and sent back several pairs of white jeans and, although I always admired them on others, had basically decided they weren't for me. Since Pretty Tall had such a vast selection, I figured I might as well try on a few different styles, including a pair with a 38" inseam!  I ultimately settled on a pair of Mavi skinny jeans (Sophie style) with a glorious 36" inseam and a perfect mid-rise. The day after I bought the jeans, I threw them on to see how they'd hold up while exploring the Champagne region of France.  I am happy to report that I was quite comfortable in them while walking approximately 8 km all around Reims and taking a couple of different tours.

36" Mavi Jeans

Here I am again in the Mavi skinnies with a lightweight patterned tunic that I also scored from Pretty Tall.  I adore the light blue print and easy-going fit of this tunic and will be getting a lot of wear out of it this spring and summer. It has a zipper in the back and can be worn slightly off the shoulder, belted as I'm doing here or in a half tuck style. 
Extra-Long Skinny Mavi Jeans

I always love it when a top looks somewhat unassuming in the front but has a little party going on in the back. When I saw the lace detailing on the back of this bright tee at Pretty Tall, I knew it was just the everyday top I was looking for. The front is a blank slate for all manner of necklaces (although I didn't wear one in these photos since most of my day was spent in the car). It's hard to tell in the photos but it has a slightly crinkly texture which means it's perfect for traveling because it's absolutely acceptable (and actually advisable) for it to get a little wrinkly in your suitcase. If anyone raises an eyebrow, you can just show them the care instructions on the tag that says "Do not iron after washing.  By ironing the crinkle will disappear. Dry and store twisted". Perfection!

All three of my fabulous purchases were handed to me in this adorable reusable shopping bag which I will indeed be using again and again!

Shopping for tall women in The Netherlands

As I (reluctantly) left the store, I snapped a few photos of the outside storefront so you can get an idea of how big it is (and these photos don't even include the Tough & Tall storefront). If you are within easy driving/flying distance or ever plan to visit The Netherlands in general, make sure you put Pretty Tall on your travel agenda.  You won't regret it! I'm already scheming about how I can make a return trip to The Netherlands for more tall shopping.  Shhh!  Don't tell Mr. L3!!

Tall Women's Clothes The Netherlands

Tall Shopping in The Netherlands

Your Turn...

Have you ever been to a tall store?  Would you go an hour out of your way on vacation just to do some in-person tall shopping? 

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sneak Peek: 38" Tallwater Kimora Slim Bootcut Jeans (Before Alterations)

I've been dying to share my second March Tall Speciality Shop Challenge purchase with you, and I simply CANNOT wait until I get them back from the tailor to talk about these.  Here's a sneak peek of the gloriously long Kimora Slim Bootcut Jeans from Tallwater Jeans before I carted them off to alterations.  Never fear - a full review will be coming down the pike as soon as I get them back (hopefully with some outdoor photos now that spring has finally decided to stop being shy). 

Tall Bootcut Jeans
As you can see above, the 38" inseam creates kind of a jean-sock since the length of the jean not only covers my long legs but almost covers my bare feet too. Hah!  And when I'm on my tippy toes, they STILL touch the ground.  Hooray!  Note the gleeful look on my face!

The beauty of such a long inseam is two-fold.  If you're taller than me and need a 38" inseam, these jeans are perfect for you as is.  If 38" is a bit too long and gives you the jean-sock effect, you can have the jeans tailored to the exact length you want.  

In the following photos, I threw on these 3 inch Corso Como heels... 

...and still had to fold the jeans under a bit to keep them from pooling on the floor!

38" Extra-Long Jeans

Extra-long tall jeans

I can't wait to get these back from the tailor so I can start wearing them!  Stay tuned for the full review.

Your turn...

What's the longest inseam you've ever found? Have you ever had jeans or other clothing items tailored?

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Exclusive 20% off Discount Code on Height Goddess Tops for Readers

Guess what?  Height Goddess is giving readers an additional 20% off the sale price of all Height Goddess tops through April 30, 2015.  Just use the code LongLeggy20 at checkout.

So many cute styles to choose from including the Charlie V-neck top in the "Tote Basket" color that I featured earlier this week.

The Charlie V-neck also comes in a fun fuchsia and pretty plum shown below, as well as black. It's currently on sale for $49 (plus the extra 20% off).  If you want to see more photos of the Charlie V-Neck on another tall blogger, check out Tall Swag's write-up.

It should be no surprise that I'm loving the Aerin button down blouse since I'm obsessed with polka dots and I adore that vibrant blue color!  This blouse also comes in black.

And while we're talking about obsessions, I also have a thing for bows so the Farrah Bow Blouse is right up my alley as well.  And how sassy is that snake skin print? 

I'm thinking I'm going to snatch up another HG blouse this month. Which one do you want to buy?

P.S. The discount code cannot be combined with any other codes in the same purchase.

Blogs for Tall Men

If you're a tall lady, chances are you have a tall man in your life whether it's your dad, brother, significant other, crazy uncle etc.  Do they ever lament about not knowing where to find clothes that fit their long frames?  Although there are a myriad of blogs for tall women, there don't seem to be quite as many for tall men.  Whilst trolling my social media accounts recently, I saw someone asking about tall men's blogs and I figured I'd write up a list of the ones that I know of.  Hopefully, the tall men in your life will find it useful.  I know that I certainly use some of the tips from these sites for my 6'4 husband!

Tall Fashion Blogs for Men

As a lifestyle magazine for both tall men and women, The Height of Style is the best of both worlds.  The fabulous founder, 6'4 Kacy Karlen, has rounded up 7 male contributors ranging in height from 6'5 to 6'8 who write about tall clothing finds for men.  I always enjoy the beautiful photography and well-written commentary on this site. 

Tallsome is written by Rued and Anders, two tall fellows from Copenhagen, Denmark.  Judging by the vibe of the Tallsome blog and Instagram account, these two seem like a lot of fun.  They not only write about tall clothing, but they also include articles on various products, fitness tips and other lifestyle topics.

Have you checked out Tall Clothing Mall lately?  Every time I go to the site, I'm always impressed with how well organized it is and how many clothing options it offers.  The founder, Krista Mayne, also writes articles about tall clothing trends for both men and women. Check out these great slim fit  men's chinos that she highlighted in her latest post. TCM has a men's clothing shopping page  and you can access all of the articles on tall men's clothing in the "Blog Categories" section found in the right sidebar.

The website title says it all, right? This blog has been around since 2009 and keeps up to speed with new clothing launches (like the recent launch of Ted Baker's tall line) and also has user-friendly  categories like 38" Jeans, 36" Jeans, Tall Shirts, Fitting and Style Tips etc.

Your turn....

Am I missing any blogs for tall men?  Do the tall men in your life have just as much trouble finding well-fitting clothing as you do?

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tall Clothing Review: Height Goddess Charlie V-Neck Blouse

Update - Height Goddess is offering readers an exclusive discount of 20% off of all tops.  The tops are already on sale so that's a really good deal! Just use the code LongLeggy20 at checkout.  Click here for more details.

My Tall Specialty Shop Challenge is humming right along and today I bring you one of the items that I bought for March - the Charlie v-neck blouse in the "tote basket" color from Height Goddess.  The fabulous Lameeka Weeks launched Height Goddess several years ago and the line includes a trendy collection of jeans, blouses, dresses, graphic tees and pants.  

I was in the market for a neutral, blank-slate type of blouse because I had recently discarded two such blouses that I'd worn to tatters.  But no way no how did I want my new neutral blouse to be blah and boring.  It needed to have a little pizzazz and character.  This Height Goddess blouse - with its deep v-neck, gathered cuffs, flowy draped sleeves and subtle hi-lo hem - is anything BUT boring.  The Charlie v-neck is currently on sale and I'm not sure I'll be able to resist buying the top in one of the other pretty colors it comes in!

Height Goddess Tall Blouse
Feminine flowy sleeves
Love the deep v-neck!
Tall Long-Sleeve Blouse
Longggggg sleeves!
Tall Hi-Lo Shirt
Subtle hi-lo hem
I created a transitional spring look by rolling up my tall J.Crew Reid jeans, throwing on my Paul Green sandals and layering a couple of necklaces (the navy and gold one was a fabulous gift from my mom-in-law).

Tall Blouse

Tall top

Speaking of spring, the blouse also pairs perfectly with an orange textured skirt (Ann Taylor tall) and my mixed metal necklace from Noonday Collection.

Height Goddess Tall Top

V-neck Tall Blouse

For a more business-like look, I threw on my Ann Taylor tall teardrop lace skirt, my super elderly peep-toe pumps from Nordstrom and my trusty Loft crystal pendant necklace.

Tall V-neck top

Height Goddess V-Neck Shirt

Tall Long-Sleeve Shirt

And last but not least, I tried it with my bow belt.

Versatility: One of the things I learned from the Putting Me Together blog during my Project Remix style challenge was that the versatility of a top should not only be judged by how many items of clothing it can be paired with but also whether I can tuck it, tie it or belt it.  As you can see in the photos, this top can be paired with skirts and jeans and I would also wear it with dress pants and under a blazer.  More importantly, I can wear the top untucked, tucked or belted.  And the neutral color is just begging to be accessorized with pretty necklaces.  So many options! Hooray!

Fit: I ordered a small but do kind of wish I had ordered a medium since this might have given me a bit more length in the body of the blouse.  On the other hand, a medium may have been too baggy so I think the small was a good choice for me.  The sleeves are a perfect length and I like that the hi-lo hem gives a little extra coverage on my hiney.

Special Details: The deep v-neck, gathered cuffs, flowy draped sleeves and hi-lo hem all add a feminine charm to the blouse.  Mr. L3 has commented a few times that he likes the top on me so it's definitely a keeper!

Wearability: Even though it has long sleeves, the blouse is lightweight and I foresee myself wearing this blouse in all seasons (except for the heat of summer).  

Your turn...
Have you ever shopped with Height Goddess?  How was your experience? Do you gravitate toward  neutral, "blank-slate" shirts that mix well with different accessories and clothing items in your closet? 

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5 Tips for Tall Women on Finding Long Formal Dresses

How do you feel when you get invited to a dressy event?  If you're like me, you get a surge of panic, sprint to your closet and frantically rummage through your dresses to see if you have anything remotely suitable and long enough.  

Why the surge of panic?  Well, formal dresses for tall women seem to be a bit hard to come by.  If I'm going to wear a long gown, of course I want it to sweep the floor (or at least get reasonably close to the floor).  I definitely DON'T want to look like I'm ready to go wading in a stream with a long dress that hits above my ankles.  

Shopping Strategy for an Extra-Long Formal Dress

Out of my two long gowns, one is a tall size and one is a regular size.  The tall size one does indeed sweep the floor...even with three inch heels on.  Huzzah! The non-tall one is just barely long enough and looks better with a kitten-heel.  The difference in length between the tall size and non-tall size highlights the importance of snatching up a formal dress from a tall retailer if you can ever get your hot little hands on one!  

If you can't visit a tall store, I think your best bets are to: 

1) try on dresses in a non-tall store to see if you can make one of them work
2) order a dress online from tall lines like Long Tall Sally (especially around the holidays) or ASOS
3) order a custom made-to-measure dress online from retailers like JJ's House or MJVO Couture 
4) make friends with a seamstress and bribe her with lots of chocolate so she will make you a dress
5) consider pairing a dressy maxi skirt like this one from Model Atelier with a fancy top 

The scenario described at the beginning of this post happened to me the other day when we received an invite to a formal event taking place in a couple of months.  I'm happy to say that my frenzied closet rummaging revealed that my two very elderly long gowns still fit! In case I can't find a new dress, at least I have these to fall back on.

BCBG Long Formal Dress (Non-Tall)

I've worn this dress 3 or 4 times over the years which is pretty good wear for a formal dress.  If you look closely, you can see my 3" inch heels peeking out so I'll need to look for a 1"-2" inch kitten heels if I plan to wear this to the event.  Any excuse for shoe shopping is always music to my ears! 

Extra-long formal dress

I love the movement of the tulle skirt...

Extra-Long Formal Dress

I also adore the lace detailing and the red waistband!

BCBG Long Formal Gown

Red Gown from a Tall Store in Pasadena, CA

When I was 17 or 18, my mom and I visited a tall store in Pasadena, CA and this long red dress caught my eye.  I tried it on and looked down in disbelief and wonderment as the fabric pooled on the floor.  Wearing heels with this dress is a MUST and not just any heels but REALLY HIGH HEELS.    How often can you say that about a formal dress? Woohoo! 

Even though the dress was a bit too big on me, I still bought it as one of those "I might need this someday so I better be prepared" purchases.  Plus, I was just too enamored with the length to leave the dress behind.  It has sat in my closet ever since!  I wasn't sure if it would still fit me, but it actually looks better on me now than when I bought it because my 30-something body fills it out better than my boyish teenage figure did.

Extra-Long Red Formal Dress
I'm wearing 3 inch heels and it still touches the ground!
Extra-Long Red Formal Gown

Slits on both sides of the dress gives it nice movement when I twirl!

Tall Satin Formal Gown

Tall Chiffon Formal Dress

Tall Formal Gown

Cocktail/Party Frock - French Connection "Moire Meadow" 

Sometimes, a cocktail dress will work for a dressy event and these are WAY simpler to find than long dresses.  When I saw this ladylike French Connection dress on the Sequins and Stripes blog last fall, I fell in love and immediately bought it (on sale).  It's still on sale at Bloomingdales but sizes seem to be going fast.  

I'm trying to remember the last time an article of clothing made me feel dainty.  At 6'2, that feeling just doesn't come around very often.  This dress sure as heck makes me feel that way with the sweetheart neckline (which is perfect with my pearls), pleated and poofy skirt and brocade floral fabric.  

Tall Dress French Connection

Sweetheart neckline and pearls for the win!

French Connection Fit and Flare Dress

Scoop back with exposed zipper

French Connection Tall Cocktail Dress

Pretty pleated poofy skirt

French Connection Floral Dress

Your turn...
Which long dress do you think I should wear to the event?  Where have you found extra-long formal gowns?

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