Saturday, May 31, 2014

LTS Scallop Stitch Sweater - Perfect Solution for Overly Air Conditioned Office

Long Tall Sally recently offered to send me a couple of items to try out and review.  I figured this very pretty orange scallop stitch sweater was perfect because it was springy and went with my Project Remix color scheme.  As always, even though I didn't pay for this item, I will give my honest opinion.  If I hated it, I'd tell ya. :)

Initially, I thought I should try to get the review of the sweater up on the blog posthaste since this is the first time LTS has sent me something to review.  Then, I decided it made more sense to do a true test drive of the sweater before reviewing.  In the past few weeks, I've worn the top to work, to a family BBQ at a lake and on the weekends to run errands, packed it in a suitcase for a trip and washed it. Test drive complete and I'm ready to report!

I think the color is perfect. Not too bright but still cheery
When the size small sweater arrived a few weeks ago, temps were still 50s-70s here, and I could easily wear the sweater while I was out and about on the weekends.  I became a bit glum when the temps started holding steady in the 80s BUT THEN this past Friday, I made the grave error of wearing a short sleeve top to work and ended up freezing my petuski off since my company feels the need to blast the AC until it becomes the arctic tundra in our building.  I sat there all day thinking about how glorious it would be to have my new orange sweater on.  Long story short....I think I'll get plenty of wear out of this sweater even though it's heating up around here. 

Perfect for a family BBQ by the lake on a cool evening.
Here are a few things I'm liking about the sweater:
  • It doesn't get wrinkly when I pack it in a suitcase o
  • The scallop stitching is really pretty
  • The length is generous so I don't have to worry about flashing people when I sit or bend over
  • It seems to wash well. It wasn't wrinkled after I took it out of the washer
  • I get lots of compliments on it!
I'm not the only one loving this sweater - Check out the reviews on the LTS site!

A couple of drawbacks so far are:
  • The fabric felt a teensy bit itchy at first. Now it seems to be fine.  Maybe I just needed to break it in
  • The front is a bit delicate and prone to snags because of the stitching.  I can be a bit rough and tumble sometimes and already snagged it once. I was able to hide the snag so it's not a huge deal
I've been toying with the idea of venturing into the scary world of white jeans.  Having this top in my closet is making that urge even stronger because I know it would look fantastic with a pair of white jeans. Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Finicky Spring Weather Solutions - J.Crew Tall Downtown Field Jacket and LEL Boyfriend Knit Jacket

Even though this is my 3rd year of living in a place with seasons (I'm originally from Southern California...the land of 70-degrees-flipflops-tanktops-weather-365/24/7), I still become 100% befuddled about what I'm supposed to wear during the transitional times like early spring.  I decided that even though the weather might be confused, I would not be confused this year. This would be my year to solve my spring befuddlement, dangit!  I planned ahead and bought the two items I'm reviewing today toward the end of winter.  Result: I've been thoroughly prepared for the inevitable psycho temp swings which have ranged from the 20s-80s the past several weeks.

First up, the J.Crew Tall Downtown Field Jacket in mossy green.  

Now that I'm done yelling at you, let me tell you a little bit about it.  I bought both a small and medium and ended up keeping the small. The jacket has a boxy fit, and I felt like I was swimming a bit too much in the medium.  Even though I have a small, don't think that I don't cram one (and sometimes two) layers under this jacket because...mmmhmmm...I definitely do.  The fabric weight is perfect for temps in the 40s-50 (especially with layers underneath) and low 60s over a light tank or tee.  The fabric itself is a bit stiff and "canvasy" (technical description from J.Crew website is "water-resistant waxed cotton"), but it's definitely not uncomfortable AND it's machine washable. 

The gold buttons add a little extra pizzazz and the awesome deep pockets are super convenient for carrying your wallet, keys and phone if you want to ditch your purse whilst frolicking around town.  I even easily fit a water bottle in one of the pockets once. It didn't look that attractive, but it worked in a pinch. 

I usually know that I've made an excellent purchase when 1) I wear the item immediately and obsessively; and 2) I get tons of compliments both from people I know (including some guys) and from complete strangers.  The temps this week will be 40s-60s later this week. Fingers crossed that I get a couple more wears out of my new, trusty jacket before summer hits. 

Next up - the Long Elegant Legs Boyfriend Knit Jacket in navyFirst, let me say that LEL recently sent  me a gift card so that I could try an item or two.  As always, even though I didn't pay for this jacket with my own pennies, I'll still be providing my honest opinion. 

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the Boyfriend Knit Jacket.  Would it be professional looking enough to wear to work? Would I be able to wear it with dresses?  Overall, I'd categorize this jacket as part sweater, part blazer - shall we say swazer? Swazer it is! For me personally, the knit fabric makes it a little too casual to wear to work with my dress pants BUT it looks great with jeans on casual Friday (or any day).  I ordered a small and I think it's a perfect, easy  fit.  The sleeves are more than long enough, and the jacket has a generous length hitting a bit below the hip.  Speaking of sleeve and overall length, LEL really seems to get it in that department.  I've been an LEL customer for years and feel like the company truly does pay attention to the unique fit that us tall ladies so desperately want and need.

Hooray for generous pockets and a nice one-button style to create some shape.

I really love being able to throw this jacket on when I need to keep myself warm or when I want to add a little extra polish to a jeans-and-tee look on the weekend.  I'm not the only one loving this jacket - it has great reviews on LEL's website

Is spring still playing games with you where you live? How do you deal with it?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Long Tall Sally Paisley Scarf Print Kaftan - Cure for the Winter Blues!

I don't know about you but when I heard that ole Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Groundhog Day thus predicting 6 more weeks of winter, I wanted to throw something at the wall.  I'm more than ready for hints of spring, and green fields, and new blooms.  Instead, we had snow this weekend with more predicted for tomorrow. Sigh!  

One thing that's sure to cure my winter blues is a bright top in a snazzy pattern. Enter the Long Tall Sally Paisley Scarf Print Kaftan which arrived on Saturday.  Look at this print! How could it not cheer me up!?!?  So lively and bright. 

You may have noticed that I've been a bit neglectful lately with my shopping at "tall only" stores.  I've gotten into the habit of buying tall items online from companies that have brick and mortar locations near me because it's easier for me to return stuff that doesn't fit.  But I've missed shopping with my "tall only" stores! When LTS send me an email with a 30% off coupon and free shipping/returns, I pounced and bought a few things. 

I've been wanting more tunics to wear with my skinny pants and boots.  I thought the colors in this top would fit nicely with my Project Remix colors, but, in real life, the orange in the top is more reddish and the turquoise is very pale and subtle.  Guess what?  I don't care because it's really pretty. The size 6 is not too tight or too just drapes nicely. I love that the top has a "past-the-elbow" single button sleeve and tasteful pleats down the front.  AND I love love love the side slits on the sides because I sometimes have to take tops like this to the tailor to get my own side slits cut.  As you see below, it can be worn both unbelted or belted.
Unbelted but still drapes nicely

Belting it creates more of a waist
This top is definitely transitional in that it can easily go from late winter into spring into fall. Have you found any good tunics lately? I'm still looking for some cozy sweater tunics. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Elle Mayers Everyday Workout Jacket

Disclosure: I recently started giving periodic input to Elle Mayers regarding product development and occasionally receive free apparel to try out. I will always let you know if an item I'm reviewing has been provided free of charge.  I bought the jacket that I'm reviewing in this post with my own pennies.

I bought the Elle Mayers Everyday jacket in early December and wore it on several flights, errand runs, and a sunrise whale watch cruise in Maui before I ever wore it to workout.  I guess that's why it's aptly named the "everyday" jacket....great for anything that comes your way any given day.  

Sunrise whale watch cruise in my EM Everyday jacket
I FINALLY started my workouts and am giving myself a little pat on the back for meeting my goal of going to class twice per week for the past two weeks.  Twice a week may sound lame but I realized that I need to get consistent with two classes first before I move on to 3 classes per week. Otherwise, I'll get discouraged and down on myself and stuff my face full of chocolate....kind of defeats the purpose of working out, huh?  Thus, I have declared January to be the month of twice a weeks and then February will be the month of thrice a weeks. 
Since it's been such a cold winter, the jacket is the perfect layer to wear over my workout tops and under my down coat for my mad dash to the car.  In other words, it's the layer between my Sweaty Betty self and my down coat, so the EM jacket gets all the stink instead of my coat.  TMI? Sorry! I'll move on to the details of the jacket. 
Look how long the sleeves are!
Nice deep pockets! Yay!
As you can see, one of the main draws for us tall ladies is that the sleeves on this jacket are LONNNGGGG.  If I pull them out to their full length, they stretch almost to my knuckles. I ordered a small and I find the jacket to be fitted and slimming. I would be curious to see how a medium fits because I feel like the sleeves might be a smidge too tight on my arms. The contrasting seams just below the bust, on the sides and on the sleeves help create a flattering fit and the deep pockets are nice for keeping you hands toasty or holding your cell phone, keys etc.

Elle Mayers Everyday Jacket - Versatile grey color and snazzy Elle Mayers logo.
To sum it up, this jacket is breathable, made of a fast drying, wicking fabric, super cute whether you're wearing it to the gym or just out and about and, like all of the items in the EM line, made in the USA.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Size 11 Shoe Splurges - J.Crew Dean Extended Calf Boots and Tory Burch Aimee Pointed Toe Flats

Happy 2014 to all of you!  It's been awhile but I'm still alive and still tall so it's high time I post some more stuff on the blog, eh?

My latest splurges have been on shoes.  I have a terrible time finding boots that fit my calves but am starting to wonder if anyone really has an easy time of it.  I have several friends who have tiny calves and find themselves swimming in most boots. I also know people who need extended widths and then there are people like me who have calves that are just a teensy bit beyond the "normal" width for boots.  Being a "tweener" in the boot circumference world can be a lot of drama.  I remember one time when I was trying on (or I should say TRYING to try on) boots at Cole Haan a few years ago.  I was bent over, wrestling with the boot and frantically yanking on the zipper which had stopped about mid-calf while the aloof, unfriendly salesman watched me with what I swear was an amused look on his face. Meh! Long story short, I've learned that if I want to have any hope of cramming my legs AND jeans into boots, they better be extended calf ones.  

I literally spent HOURS online looking at boot circumference measurements, reading reviews etc. until I FINALLY decided to purchase the J.Crew Dean extended calf boots in the chester brown color (on sale of course).  

J.Crew Dean extended width boots in the chester brown color
According to the website, the boots have a 15 6/16" circumference for a size 7 and based upon my obsessive boot research, it seems that circumferences go up around 1/8" for every size.  This must be the case because a 15"ish circumference would definitely be snug on me and as you can see in the following photos, the boots are plenty roomy. I do notice a little bit of bunchiness around the ankles but I'm willing to live with that since the boots are comfortable, seem well made (translation - should last several years) and I can cram any manner of pant leg into them that my little heart desires. Plus, I adore this color! It is just the hue I was looking for.  And the boots look great with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses, bikinis (kidding...just seeing if you're paying attention).

I've had a bad back since I was a teenager.  I've been told it's basically because I have a really long spine (obviously) but my muscles aren't strong enough to support that long spine. One of these days, I'll get uber consistent with a workout that strengthens my core until it's hard as a rock thus causing my muscles to have a supportive death grip on my spine and then maybe my back pain will vanish.  Until then, I try to be kind to my poor back and my back generally yells at me for being unkind to it when I trot around in heels for 8 hours at work.  I decided pointy toe flats are the best alternative to heels when I want to look dressy.  I settled upon the Tory Burch Aimme flats mostly because I couldn't resist the bow.  These were actually my big Cyber Monday score.  They were sold out on every other website except for Bloomingdales AND Bloomys was offering 25% off. They are not as comfortable as my Cole Haan Air ballet flats (which basically feel like you're walking on pillows) but they're comfortable enough, look great, and go with jeans, skirts, dresses etc. I do wish they had a tad more cushioning in the sole. 

Tory Burch Aimme flats in Size 11
This outfit is my current go-to "power" outfit for work meaning I've been wearing it whenever I have an important meeting or event and need to feel 100% fabulous and confident.  Pre-TB pointy toe flats, I felt like I needed to suffer through the day in heels because none of my other flats seemed dressy enough for this ensemble.  Problem solved with the pointy toe flats!

Have you lucked out with some good shoe finds lately? Do share!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Office to Holiday Party Look - Ann Taylor Teardrop Lace Skirt, Strapless Peplum Top and Turtleneck

Greetings fellow tall folk and other readers.  I know it's not quite Thanksgiving yet but I'm already thinking about my holiday outfits and I'm still head-over-heels for lace.  Last year, I was a complete stress ball trying to find a dress to wear for some of our holiday outings in NYC.  Fortunately, I had an 11th hour stroke of luck while shopping in NYC and found a beautiful lace dress that I had been lustily eyeing online for awhile.  Side note - I wore the dress last week to work with a black blazer and felt like a million bucks! I made sure to make Mr. L3 aware of this since he almost choked on his gum when he found out the (sale) price of the dress.  I AM getting wear out of it, thank you very much! 

Anywho - back to lace and the holidays.  This year, instead of looking for dresses, I'm trying to experiment with skirts and tops to better accommodate my figure (size 6 upper half and size 10 lower half).  As is my usual custom, I'd been eyeing the teardrop tall lace skirt from Ann Taylor for awhile before I pounced on it during one of the 40% off sales. 

Ann Taylor Teardrop Lace Skirt - Size 10

I was hoping it would be both office appropriate and dress-up-for-the-holidays appropriate (like last year's lace dress), and I'm thrilled to report that it is indeed both! Not only is it beautiful but it's also insanely comfortable and fits perfectly.  I've realized that the Ann Taylor pencil skirts that I own that have two layers (i.e., a lining and then overlayer such as lace) fit great because the bottom layer is the layer that gets a little wrinkly over my thighs but the top layer lays nicely and covers up the crinkliness of the bottom layer.  

First up - An office look.

I paired the skirt with my new tall wool blend turtleneck (size medium) from Ann Taylor as well. The skirt is pretty long and falls just above the knee.  I can't believe I'm saying this but I almost wish I'd bought the regular size so that it fell a smidge more above the knee but I really can't (and shouldn't) complain. I love the wide waistband because you can tuck in your blouse without having to worry about a belt (although I'm sure a belt would look great too).

Next up - Holiday partay look.

For my holiday look, I switched to the Ann Taylor tall strapless peplum top (size medium).  (Be sure to click on the link to see some better photos of this top as mine don't quite do it justice).  I like that the top is rather fitted through the bodice giving it a nice fit and flare silhouette, and I love the longer peplum hem in the back. I paired it with black tights and my Corso Como booties.  I admit it is an awful lot of black for one outfit, so I think a fancy red cardigan or cropped jacket might brighten the outfit up a bit.  I could also add color by buying a bold statement necklace.  As I'm sure you can imagine, this top also looks great with jeans and other pants and will be good for layering! Very versatile.

Is it the holidays yet?
 What about you? Have you started thinking about your holiday outfits?  Have you found any lace items you really like? I'm always looking for more!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fun Weekend Skirt and Blouse from Old Navy

Sometimes I feel like I spend so much time buying work garb that I neglect my weekend wardrobe. In keeping with my current skirt kick, I bought this printed skirt from Old Navy.  It's not from ON's tall line BUT the waist is elastic so you can basically ride the skirt as low or as high as you want. BUY IT NOW...YOU WON'T REGRET IT.  It's SUPER comfortable, the navy with the orange flowers are right in line with my Project Remix colors and it can easily go into fall paired with boots and a jacket.  I need to find a wide brown belt and maybe a nice white tee to wear with it but for now, I've been wearing a white tank and sandals (because the weather has not received the memo that it's supposed to be curtains for summer and fall should be taking center stage at this point). 

I'm riding the skirt pretty low on my waist but you can easily hike it up and show more leg.

This skirt is flippy and fun and kinda makes me want to twirl
Another casual-ish item that I bought is this Old Navy tall crepe-pocket tank. I first spied it on Tiffany while reading one of her articles on  I need stuff that  I can just throw on when I'm running weekend errands, but I don't want to just throw on any ole top and end up looking like a frumpster (especially since I run into coworkers ALL the time when I'm out running errands).  This top is just the ticket for weekend errand running - it's flowy and loose (translation - comfortable) without looking frumpy, and I like that it's a bit longer in the back. The collar and neckline are somewhat fussy and don't want to lay right, but it's a keeper for the price. Speaking of price, this color is currently on sale for $7!!!!!!!! And other colors are on sale for $10.  It also passes the Project Remix test of "can I belt it, tuck it, layer it etc.?", and I can technically wear it to work layered under cardigans or blazers. Speaking of Project Remix, I have a VERY liberal definition of my color palette. In my mind, this top is kinda sorta teal (I know I's mint not teal but - hey - close enough)! 

Longer in the back. Yay!

The collar and neckline misbehave a bit but oh well.

Have you had any luck with Old Navy's tall line lately? It's very hit or miss for me but I'm seeing several more skirts I might need want.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rawrrrr - Tall Animal Print Skirt from Loft (and a Search for a Tall Suit)

I've admired animal print pieces from afar but have only very cautiously dipped my toe into the wild world of animal print by buying a skinny belt. I love the belt and decided it was high time for some more animals in my closet.  I've been on a bit of a skirt buying kick lately because I know fall is coming which means BOOTS AND TIGHTS SEASON AKA the most wonderful time of the year for me (fashion-wise at least).  Loft was having one of it's crazy 60% off everything sales a few weeks ago, so I bought these 3 tall pencil skirts in size 10.  

Tall Pencil Skirts from Loft
I have a couple of superb fitting pencil skirts from Loft's mom, Ann Taylor, and figured the Loft skirts would fit great too.  Errrrr....not so much.  I ended up with the dreaded thunder-thigh-krinkle-wrinkle ("TTKW).  Surely some of you know what I'm referring to...where the front of the skirt is pulled so tight against your ample thighs that you get some bunchy wrinkles across the front of the skirt.  I returned the teal and lighter colored skirt but kept the animal print one because the TTKW wasn't as noticeable with this skirt since it is a darker shade AND there was an outfit on my "Looks to Copy" Pinterest board that I wanted to duplicate.  That's reason enough to keep it right?!? Plus, I had only paid $27.50 for it.

Even though the pencil skirt isn't one of my Project Remix colors per se, I'm finding out that animal print  can be surprisingly versatile, and I can definitely wear this skirt with several different items in my closet (including all of my orange stuff)!  Speaking of orange, I also bought this (non-tall) puff sleeve blouse from Loft (for 60% off).  I feel so feminine and ladylike in it and it's very comfortable.  The orange is no longer available but you can nab a couple of other colors on sale right now.  Even though it is a non-tall size, you can see that it is plenty long.

 OK...back to the pencil skirt - so we've already established that it's a smidge rather tight. However, it has some great qualities as well.  It's quite long (goes to the top of my knees), the slit in the back isn't too crazy high and it does have a bit of stretch for extra comfort.

Tall Leopard Print Pencil Skirt from Loft
Looking at these photos - I think I need to wear heels with the skirt rather than flats...
This will definitely be one of my outfits for the upcoming "Summit/Conference" thingy that my department is hosting in a week.  There will be attendees from four different countries, and we will be in meetings/roundtables/seminars/presentations/you-name-it for 5 days straight and whoopin it up at evening events on 3 of the 5 nights.  Needless to say, I've been studying my wardrobe so that I can strategically plan my outfits for that week.  

O gets even more boss and I have been asked to do a presentation in front of the whole group.  I am now kicking myself for putting off buying a new suit for far too long. I knew this would bite me in the buns one day and that day has arrived.  I was rather disheartened by the prices this weekend whilst suit searching online...really wasn't seeing anything for under $300.  BUT THEN (drum roll please), I noticed this navy peplum suit on Ann Taylor's website for 40% off.  It's business in the front and a little bit of part-ay-hey in the back. The jacket comes in tall sizes but the skirt does not.  I also bought a matching pair of tall trousers just to be safe.  Fingers crossed everything fits!!

Ann Taylor Peplum Suit

Ann Taylor Peplum Suit
Do you like animal print? What are your favorite pieces?  Do you have trouble finding tall suits?  Where did you buy you favorite tall suit?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fab Finds from the Hilton Head Outlets - Part 2 - Lucky Brand Crops and Top

I lovvveeee some outlet shopping but normally don't end up buying much because the non-tall sizes just don't fit right.  My July outlet shopping was surprisingly successful as you saw in Part 1 (and cheap since all of the stores were having crazy July 4 sales and some even gave a military discount on top of that).

I've been wanting some cropped boyfriend-ish jeans for awhile now and wandered into the Lucky Brand denim store hoping I'd get lucky (har har!).  Awhile back, I had pinned the Lucky Sienna Tomboy Crops onto my Pinterest, so I was thrilled to find them at the outlet. 

I already featured them in the below photo in my recent One Piece Many Ways post.  

Speaking of Pinterest, one of Marsha's outfits caught my eye awhile back over on her blog Style of A London Tall Girl, and I had pinned it to my "Looks to Copy" Pinterest board.  When I was trying to figure out what would look good with these jeans, I looked at my board, saw Marsha's look and thought "White blazer...CHECK...stripey heels...CHECK.  Here's what I put together.  I think it would look even better with brighter heels.

Long Tall Sally Linen Blazer; Ruffly, Stripey Top via WHBM; Lucky Sienna Tomboy Crops; Corso Como Dabria Heels

We've been having a TON of rain in these here parts but it's still hot so all of the stores and restaurants have the AC cranked up.  For a casual, rain /AC appropriate look, I wear the jeans with my green Long Tall Sally tank, Sperrys AND my other outlet purchase from Lucky - the Dobby Longsleeve Brooke shirt (what a weird name!). I tend to get cold in airports or on planes and this shirt was just the ticket for a recent flight that I took.

Dobby Longsleeve Brooke shirt via Lucky outlet - Super soft, super light, super comfy, super cute

I love how soft and light this top is.  So far I've only worn it layered and unbuttoned but it might look good belted or tucked too....or even tied.  Endless possibilities. 

Have you bought anything from Lucky? I do love their selection of jeans for tall ladies and they have awesome sales!  I even" lucked" out and won a free pair of jeans from them once.  

Well that's a wrap for my outlet shopping.  I actually haven't bought anything since this early July shopping spree.  I feel like I'm getting to the point where I can create enough outfits to keep me clothed for the time being. That's a nice feeling!  But I'm sure my shopping bug will bite me sooner rather than later and I'll have more finds to share with you.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fab Finds from the Hilton Head Outlets - Part 1

Mr. L3 and I decided to go on a little summer road trip July 4th week.  I had never been to the Carolinas and am trying to make it to all 50 states before I croak so off we went.  Our first stop was Asheville, NC.  We saw a lot of interesting places and ate some fabulous food, but one of my favorite activities was hiking to a few waterfalls (in my Elle Mayers tall workout tank of course...just a note that these tanks are currently on clearance for $15 plus an extra 20% off...GO GET ONE!!!). 

Chasing waterfalls in NC in one of my Elle Mayers tank..
After a few days, we toodled on over to Hilton Head Beach in South Carolina.  Unfortunately, we checked into our hotel, immediately hated it, hopped on our iPads, found an awesome hotel in Savannah, GA, checked out of our Hilton Head hotel 30 minutes after checking in and hightailed it over to Savannah. I used to live at the beach in CA and was always traumatized by the hoards that would descend upon my neighborhood during July 4th, so I don't know WHY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH I thought it was a good idea to try to spend some time at the beach for July 4th.  

Fortunately, all was not lost because we LOVED our time in Savannah and returned to the Hilton Head outlets to do some damage at the outlet stores.  We also spent a day on Tybee Island and rode bikes so I did get a bit of a beach fix. Best of both worlds!

Riding bikes on the beach is a really good workout!
I bought 5 items (2 skirts, 1 dress, 1 pair of jeans and 1 shirt) at the outlets and have already worn each item several times.  This makes me REALLY happy because I finally feel like I'm being more strategic in my shopping and am buying pieces that can immediately fit into my wardrobe. Yay! 

Today, I will show you the 2 skirts and the dress.  You may recall my battle with Shy Leg Syndrome the past couple of summers.  Well after suffering through the sweltering, humid-as-heck Southern summers the past couple of years in jeans, pants and maxi dresses, I decided Shy Leg Syndrome can just put an egg in its shoe and beat it because I refuse to suffocate myself anymore and am now wearing skirts and bare legs (despite my unsightly veins and non-tan). Yay me!

First up - a white linen midi skirt from the Ann Taylor outlet.  

I ended up wearing the white skirt on my trip with my black/white striped BCBG racerback tank (also an outlet find from long ago). 
Mr. L3 and I at the Forsyth Park fountain in Savannah . Mr. L3 bought some REALLY nice casual shirts at the outlets but of course he opted for his standard tee shirt this day. Sigh!
After I bought the skirt, I immediately searched online for complete looks featuring a white skirt, and I found some really good stuff!  Check out these looks on my "Looks to Copy" Pinterest board.  I think I will buy some striped tees and thicker brown belt to copy a couple of these.

Here are a few ways I'm wearing the skirt with stuff I already had in my closet. (Disclaimer - I'm not really loving the blue belt but didn't feel like re-taking the photos).

Doing a little pattern mixing with my floral purse and striped shirt! Skirt via Ann Taylor outlet; Racerback tank via BCBG outlet; Isabella Fiore purse (elderly)

Throw on my Hudson denim jacket via Tall Couture to cover up a bit or to combat the AC

Hudson denim jacket via Tall Couture     
Another fun find at the Ann Taylor outlet was this blue patterned dress which fits right in with my Project Remix.

Dress via Ann Taylor outlet; Purse via Isabella Fiore (Very elderly)

It has a matching tie around the waist but I'm thinking adding a colorful belt like I did below is more fun!
After I brought the dress home, I  made the exciting discovery that it has pockets.  Hooray! has pockets! Didn't realize that when I bought it. And it looks great with my bright belt
I wore the dress to work with my bright Loft blazer and got inundated with compliments.  Turns out a lot of people like blue and orange together...not just Gator or Auburn fans.
Pockets pockets pockets! 
I think I can take this dress into fall by adding boots and a jacket. Yeehaaaa!

Next up was the J.Crew outlet.  Again, I was looking for skirts.  Most of the skirts there were minis that looked like they'd probably hit halfway up my buns, but I did manage to find a navy-with-bright-dots cotton pencil skirt that came to the knee. 

Pencil Skirt via J.Crew Outlet
I need to figure out more ways to wear it.  I think it would look really cute with a striped tee (since I'm trying to get into pattern mixing) but here's what I've done so far.

Tuesday dinner date night with Mr. L3:

White Sequin Tank via Long Elegant Legs (old),  Belt via Ann Taylor; Skirt via J.Crew Outlet; Cole Haan Flats via Nordstrom, Purse via J.Crew

I can also wear this skirt to work with my trusty orange blazer...

...and then make the outfit a little more casual for after work activities by trading the orange jacket for a denim jacket or just taking the jacket off all together like I did for my date night look. 

The funny thing is, I had kind of forsaken the BCBG striped tank and the Long Elegant Legs white sequined tank because I always had a hard time figuring out what to pair them with in my closet.  Now that I've embarked on Project Remix, I find myself being able to wear these tops a fair amount even though they aren't necessarily in my orange/blue/gray Project Remix color scheme.  I feel like now that I am buying pieces that mix well in general, I am able to resurrect some of my neglected loner pieces. 

This is the first time I've had REALLY good luck with a "non-tall sizes" shopping spree. Do you ever have good luck at outlet stores?