Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little Black Book on!

Lately, I've been tickled pink to be receiving some comments on the blog from readers in other countries.  Actually, I get giddy whenever ANYONE comments because I'm over-social and easily amused like that. BUT, my point is, since I seem to have readers in both the U.S. and abroad, I wanted to point you toward's recently updated Little Black Book, which lists "addresses for suppliers of long-length clothing and large-size shoes from around the world".  Laura has done a fantastic job of putting together a list of tall retailers in 8 different countries. 

And it doesn't stop there!  She's asking for your help.  If you live in a country that’s not mentioned on her list and you’d like to recommend a tall line, or if you're aware of a tall supplier that is not yet on the list (although the country is), shoot her an email.  Your contribution will make the tall world a happier place. Hooray!


  1. Hi, just found your blog via allthetallthings (which incidentally I only found yesterday, I don't why I never thought of googling for tall fashion blogs before!?!) anyway I have just sat here and read yours from start to finish! Loved it, I have just subscribed. By the way I've had the x-ray problem and always the bizarre tall comments from strangers, not all from men, one old lady asked if I was 6"6 because I must be "because your friend is a short ass" I kid you not.

    Naomi, 6"1 and from England (with an older sister, 5"10, who doesn't own a pair of flat shoes!)

  2. Hi Naomi! So glad you found me and very happy you found too. All The Tall Things is one swell tall blog and hands down my favorite. That's hilarious and bizarre about the old lady comment you received! Never a dull moment in a tall woman's life! Anyways, thanks for subscribing. More posts coming soon.