Saturday, January 21, 2012

Confession - I cheated on my Shopping Tall Challenge

I'm almost to the end of my 4 month Shopping Tall Challenge and I (gasp!) had my first cheat this week. It was kind of unintentional. Let me explain. 

My 5'11 friend and I were at Nordstrom last weekend and randomly ended up in the PJ section. She tried on a long, soft, plush, heavenly robe from the sale rack. She fell in love and decided to snatch it up. But DRAT! It was the last one. I've been working some long hours lately PLUS it's been cold so the thought of something like that to lounge in in my 2 minutes of free time that I get every week sounded heavenly so I came home and bought it online (even though I hadn't tried it on). Clearly,  my "shopping tall" judgment was completely clouded by the memory of how soft and luxurious the fabric felt. Heck...I'm practically delirious from these long days I've been having so I was hardly conscious of what I was doing when I clicked "purchase".  (OK...fine...I'm exaggerating a little to make myself feel less guilty for my cheating.)

When I got home from work tonight,  the package was on my doorstep.  I tore open the box and threw on the robe only to find that the sleeves are WAY too short and it barely goes past mid-calf.  I think before my Shopping Tall Challenge, I would have just lived with these 2 annoyances but now that I've been buying and wearing tall specific clothes that fit and flatter like they're supposed to, I CAN"T STAND having these high water sleeves and I want a robe that goes almost to the floor dangit so I'm sending it back! I tried taking a photo, but let's be one really looks that great in a big ole robe no matter how fabulous of a pose you strike or what angle you take it at so I'll spare you the sight of that. I will show you a couple of the robes that I want to buy though.

There's this nifty little number from Simply Tall on the left which is currently on sale for $59 and a unique looking blue and white robe from Soft Surroundings on the right. If I can't even stand to have high water sleeves on a robe now, I wonder if I'll ever go back to non-tall shopping?


  1. I loved reading this....and I love both of the robes you have pictured, especially the blue and white one. Stay warm!

  2. Thanks! I am leaning toward the blue and white because I think it is actually pretty and it's not everday you come across a pretty long robe! But it's more expensive than the purple one so I haven't decided yet. =)